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I started Vim&Vigor Boutique for my love of fashion and shopping. I remember as a little girl with my sisters, we would sneak into our moms closet, put on her high heel platforms, and clothes and parade around the house. Since then it has always been a dream of mine to one day open up a clothing boutique.
My mother made all of me and my sisters' clothes; plus hers. She made them because we lived in an area that didn’t have a mall or really any store you could shop. It was over an hour drive to the nearest shopping center. As she was preparing to make our clothes I was always amazed at how she would cut the pattern so straight, thread the needle and then put her foot on the petal! It would take her sometimes less than an hour to make us something new.  She never did it for profit, only for the love of her girls and the love of sewing.
I never got the sewing gene, but I did get an eye for fashion. I was never into what everyone was into, always something a little different maybe even a little edgy.  It's always nice to receive a compliment on something you are wearing, that doesn't really stand out but still makes a statement.  
Now look at me, I wear what makes me feel good and to express myself.  You will see some of my style in the products that I offer, some are very simple, classic and some are very bold and a carefree just like me......
Until next time...
K~ Lover of Fashion



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